Summer Camp

More information will be coming closer to the Summer break in 2018!

Five sessions over five days per week will be delivered for the following ages and ability levels:

  • Ducklings and Dolphins (3yrs to 6yrs): Water confidence, basic strokes & water safety.
  • Teaching (6 yrs plus) - Novice through to Silver swimmers: Building water confidence, safety, introducing and refining strokes. Aquatic skills through formal lessons and fun activities.
  • Early Training - Gold & Platinum: Developing strength, stroke skills & technique over distance.
  • Development, Junior & Senior Squads: Including technique improvement distance building up to competitive training.
  • Hotshots & Select Squads: Full competitive training including land fitness and flexibility sessions.
  • Masters (Adults), Tri- training & Teen Fitness: An opportunity to improve on technique and fitness swimming, develop strokes and establish training schedules.
  • Adult beginner: Learn to swim in a safe environment within a small group of 4-6 students. Classes can be taken as 1 per week for 5 weeks or 5 days in 1 week.