These squads, Hotshot A and B, is for our 9 years to 14 years and is the first Major stepping stone into the competitive side of swimming. On joining Hotshot's the swimmers should attend between 4 - 6 sessions per week, depending on the group they are placed in, as well as competing in a number of competitions with the team. There are entry requirements to join these squads and swimmers will need a trial sessions(s).

Each swimmer is required to pay an annual membership fee which includes a team swim suit and clothing. It is essential that all swimmer have the following items for each training session;

  • Kick board

  • Pull buoy

  • Training fins

  • Band (goes around ankles)

  • Training paddles

  • Water bottle

  • Goggles

  • Skipping rope

  • Roller

  • Swim cap (included in membership fee)

For details on joining the Hotshots squad please email Eloi Gomez at