Summer Camp

We've had an amazing Summer camp this year! Thank you to everyone who came along and learnt and had a lot of fun with us. See you next Summer 2019!


Five sessions over five days per week will be delivered for the following ages and ability levels:

  • Ducklings and Dolphins (3yrs to 6yrs): Water confidence, basic strokes & water safety.
  • Teaching (6 yrs plus) - Novice through to Silver swimmers: Building water confidence, safety, introducing and refining strokes. Aquatic skills through formal lessons and fun activities.
  • Early Training - Gold & Platinum: Developing strength, stroke skills & technique over distance.
  • Development, Junior & Senior Squads: Including technique improvement distance building up to competitive training.
  • Hotshots & Select Squads: Full competitive training including land fitness and flexibility sessions.
  • Masters (Adults), Tri- training & Teen Fitness: An opportunity to improve on technique and fitness swimming, develop strokes and establish training schedules.
  • Adult beginner: Learn to swim in a safe environment within a small group of 4-6 students. Classes can be taken as 1 per week for 5 weeks or 5 days in 1 week.