Futuras is a group comprised of those who have been selected for their swim talent, enthusiasm and potential to succeed in our sport. They are our 'Fast Track ' young swimmers who are choosing swimming as their main sport. These swimmers are chosen from the Gold, Platinum and possibly Development groups and may continue in both Futuras and their regular venue group until moving fully to Futuras.   If there is an issue with timetabling or transport then swimmers may swim once at the 'home' venue and twice at Futuras. Futuras will continue to work on the syllabus for our Gold platinum and Development squads and we incorporate early competition training and preparation to ensure the smoothest transition into our fully competitive squads Hotshots A and B.

The Futuras will take part in Novice and Development galas throughout the year in order to better prepare them for the higher level meets required as part of later competitive training. Futuras is the First step in a long path towards the top level of swimming and those selected will be carefully nurtured in order to succeed.

Those Swimmers who are selected will begin with training between 2 and 3 sessions a week to ensure all early training levels are passed before moving onto a full 3 times a week training program in order to make Hotshot selection.

Swimmers are required to have full kit in order to maximise effectiveness of their session and a filled water bottle is essential to all sessions.

Kick board

Pull buoy

Training fins

Central snorkel,

Mesh bag to contain all kit.

Water bottle

Skipping rope

Swim Squads hat, t-shirt, shorts and swimwear

Any questions regarding kit order please speak to the coach on poolside. For any information about this squad please contact your venue head or email matt@speedoswimsquads.com