ASA Level 2 Swimming Teacher (RQF)

Course Leading to an ASA qualification.

If you are interested in supporting the teaching programme in a learn to swim environment under ASA National Plan for Teaching Swimming, this certificate will allow you to operate as a teacher. It will provide you with the  teaching /coaching skills common to all disciplines together with specific focus on movement literacy. The second part of the course will focus on aquatic teaching, including the technical knowledge and practical skills which will allow you to teach unsupervised and mentor support teachers. You will be expected to have an  in depth understanding of the aquatic environment and a good understanding of the appropriate correction and common aquatic faults.


Assessment is by the course tutor/assessor and will cover:

  • Practical coaching through the use of a continuous check list plus one formal 30 minute assessment.

  • Theoretical knowledge through continuous assessment, verbal and written questions.

  • Planning, preparation and other associated tasks through the completion of worksheets, session plans and a scheme of work.

This course leads to an ASA qualification and is subject to an internal and external verification process.

Recommended Reading:

For the recommended reading list for this, please visit

Course Cost:

Course fee AED 5200 including all resources and ASA registration fees.

Application Procedure:

Complete the following FORM and return to

Confirmation of the place will only be recieved when a non refundable deposit of AED 500 or the full course fee has been paid.

Further Study:

This qualification is the second stage in a three level teaching structure.  Further qualifications can be found on the ASA website  shown below.

Course Syllabus:

Further information for this particular qualification can be found on the website,   then     ASA.


Course dates: Sunday 25th June - Wednesday 5th July (None on Friday 30th June).